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You were looking for you beloved dog Buck when you became lost deep in the forest...

You saw a humanoid looking head poking out from the tree's ahead of you but when you ask for help the thing chases you.

Eventually you rest alongside a tree, in-front of you is what looks like a dog! You yell out your beloved pets name only to learn that in fact it is not buck but a wolf that you have just yelled at.

You are chased through the woods until you see the outline of a building through the fog, as you approach you hear a old phone ring and become excited and dash towards the house only to see a flash of a white humanoid figure and the last you see is the night sky.

(watch video attached above for more information)

Your consciousness returns only seeing black, then from the blackness comes a masked figure. It walks up to you and says "You Can Win" "You Can Loose" then dissipates into fog!

When you awake your vision is blurry and the forest's color seems to be changing rapidly, all thoughts of finding your dog are gone as your new objective is the Survive and Escape!

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Wish you could upload it on the jam


Yeah i'm really sad I didn't get to upload it on time :{