Bugs Galor! :')

Just some simple bug fixes and QOL, nothing too big... ;3

  • The main menu buttons are now very OCD friendly :)
  • The solo mode will not send you into 2 player mode once it's finished
  • The solo modes scoring should show properly
  • The keyboard player will no longer control players 1 and 2
  • You can now no longer enter the modes that are not yet finished
  • Fixed the game crashing if 5 players attempt to join, can't even play with 5 players anyway :|
  • Player 3 will not appear on the 2 player level

Things Worked On :O

  • Lava run mode: Worked a ton of this mode and it's almost ready for launch!
  • Bomber mode: Made the walls destroyable if they hit enough
  • Solo mode: Its not completable

More stuff coming in a lil ^^


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Mar 02, 2022
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Sep 26, 2021

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