Back In Action!


Its been a while, This game has sat stagnated in my overflowing library. With all of the construct free events used I had thought it was the end..


I will be purchasing a year subscription! And I will put (most ;3) Of that year into developing this game!
here is my roadmap (text form, visualization maybe next devlog)

  • Fix single-player, it sends you into a older version of the 2 player mode... somehow.. Dude's I really don't know how this happens :|
  • Finish the lava rising mode! It was the last thing I made when I stopped development and.. Its S*** :/
  • Finish all the other modes, their are a ton but only a few working right now. Modes will include, Boss rush, Online(MAYBE, plz don't hold me too it :'), Race, Competition, and much more!
  • More maps oh my! More map variation, maybe some random generation
  • Slime pulooza! Customization..... I can feel my brain-cells trying to escape already :D
  • Community features, That's right! if you want a feature then let me know! I will hopefully add as many community features as possible ;)
  • Discord, there will be a discord for the game where you can chat with me, get to test out new builds, beta test, etc
  • steam, Wait STEAM!?!?!?!??? I don't think I'll get there but hey, possible steam game here :3. can you even port construct games too steam...

As you can see there is a lot to be done and a lot to be seen! For now if you could play the game as it is and send me your feedback it would be greatly appreciated ^^

(also don't bully the thumbnail art, its just something I whipped together okay >,O,<)

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