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Play the game in your browser: application will be added soon but rn please use this link)   

ATTENTION SOLDIER! As a member of Evil.Org [.Co was taken by BadGuys.Com] Your mission is to infiltrate's ghost spy forest and destroy every Ghost settlement! You have full permission to plunder the environment in your conquest! The more you destroy the better reward you will gain. On mission complete, you will officially rant up from AntiHero to villain.

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to move around and the space bar to jump.

(I've submitted this game to many jams but don't worry I made sure that I only worked on the game for the allotted amount of time)

Pixel Jam: [No theme given]

Quarter Annual DG Jam v1: [AntiHero (cause you are killing innocent ghosts and destroying their house)]

This is AKking Studio's first paid game. All art, coding, and sound were done by me.


Install instructions

Open the file then extract its contents. Double click on the file that says "Application" the game should then load from there. If it does not then please contact me.